Jaombay Wells

Jaombay WellsJaombay Wells has been an individual with the Unique People Services for almost two years. Before coming to UPS, financial stresses were making him feel overwhelmed, which was causing him high levels of anxiety. He lived on his own until he lost his apartment and then moved in with his family. It was at this point that he was referred to the UPS/ by his former case manager and accepted our services of stable housing and case management so that he could progress toward more independent living.

Jaombay also worked for twenty-two years as a patient care associate at various NYC health facilities. As a patient care associate, he functioned in a variety of capacities, from working in the informed care to the trauma unit. However, even though he loved his career, he knew he wanted to accomplish more and going back to school was always at the forefront of his mind. Jaombay shared that he realized that he didn’t want just to work to “live,” that he wants to thrive! This as he puts it, “can only be achieved by doing something he loves and allows him to give back to his community.” He also shared that he “realized that he wanted and needed to make a positive change.” He took a leap of faith and left his job and became focused on building a better future and life for himself. His introduction, as he puts it was a blessing!”

Shortly after his arrival at UPS, Jaombay enrolled in a local college in The School of Allied Health taking on a full-time course load. Jaombay has consistently maintained a high-grade point average, which has earned him academic honors and the distinction of being a student on the colleges’ élite Dean’s list, maintaining his grade point average of 3.75. He will graduate in the summer of 2018 with an Associate Degree in Medical Administration.

Jaombay’s goal is to immediately continue his education, only taking a two-week break after graduation and quickly enrolling again to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Services Administration. Jaombay’s dreams of becoming a college professor or working at the US Center for Disease Control.

Mr. Wells is indeed an excellent model client, whose determination and steadfast pursuit of his goals make us proud!