Barbara M. Lehrer

President & Founder, Beacon Therapy Services

Barbara Lehrer“Make your own rose garden!” Her mother’s words have become a credo for Barbara Lehrer, dynamic founder of Beacon PLLC. But Barbara also believes in creating opportunities for those who cannot grow their own roses without help. For long before creating Beacon PLLC, Barbara was following her mother’s example in other important ways.

Sylvia Martin, a speech pathologist herself, dedicated her professional life to helping persons with language disorders access brighter futures by improving their ability to communicate. Like her mother, a graduate of Hofstra University, Barbara Lehrer has been a practicing speech pathologist for more than 40 years. In the early days, she traveled to serve children and adults with speech and language problems wherever speech therapy was needed -from the tenements of Brooklyn to affluent Long Island suburbs. She brought her professional expertise to public school special education classrooms as well through regional Board of Cooperative Services (BOCES) programs. Her experience with the public school systems prompted her to return to Hofstra for a second Master’s degree in School Administration.

But like most visionaries, Barbara looked beyond the day- to-day limits of established systems of care. Her company’s mission reflects Barbara’s energetic approach to challenging problems. Beacon PLLC, a specialized outreach program for rehabilitative/habilitative services, is committed to assertive clinical intervention that unlocks human potential. By making treatment more accessible in the community, persons with disabilities have ongoing support as they struggle towards personal and economic independence. With on-site therapy, obstacles to full community participation begin to crumble, even for those with the most challenging physical, emotional and occupational barriers.

Today, working in conjunction with various healthcare providers, Barbara has grown her business from a single practitioner private practice to a professional limited liability corporation employing over 200 clinicians who are overseen by a board of licensed clinicians in the fields of speech-language pathology, occupational and physical therapy, psychology, nutrition, nursing and social work. These caring clinicians provide therapeutic services to individuals throughout New York State. Barbara has also been able to assist the agencies she works with by providing consulting services in the area of regulatory compliance, continuous quality improvement, strategic planning and organizational development. Her latest expansions include providing executive services to businesses seeking to strengthen their work force, and the division of Direct Support Professionals.